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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Pay your bills on time. Creditors are very interested in how reliably you are in paying your bills. Get credit for making utilities and cell...

Misunderstandings About Your Credit Score

A few key points from the 2019 Credit Score Myths and Habits Survey by Misunderstandings about your credit score: Does my income have an...

Joan Eslinger and The First Time Homebuyer

Home ownership is the American dream! For many it involves the leap from renting to the responsibility of ownership.  Because of the many pitfalls, hidden...

Downsizing Offers a Fresh Start for Older Adults

I saw a post from an older person to a young lad that said “don’t make fun of me asking questions about my cell phone,...

SELLERS: Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

The real estate markets have shifted to the buyer.   “According to a new ATTOM Data Solutions analysis of sales of residential real estate between 2011...

Should You Move or Renovate?

Determining whether you should buy a new home or fix up your current one isn’t easy. In fact, the decision can be steeped in so...

First Time Homeowners

“Mortgage Rates Fall Below 4%, Lift Hopes” With the mortgage rates dropping below 4% for the first time since early 2018, this adds hope the...
Beautiful Home Exterior at Night

14 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

14 Tips For Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent For Your Property Search Or Sale Buying or selling a home is an exciting experience for...
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