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Opportunity is in Real Estate

"My partner, Jack Hynds, and I believe many people have overlooked investments in residential rental real estate as a vehicle for developing retirement income."


Investment Properties

1112 Harmony Ave, Mazon


Excellent investment property. Four – 2 bedroom units. Building in very good condition. Off street…

  8   4

320-330 School St, Diamond


Combine home ownership with rental investment. Side by side duplex. Great investment opportunity or live…

  6   2

282 S Will Rd, Diamond


CHEAPER THAN RENT! VERY NICE 3 BEDROOM 1 BATH DUPLEX Large eat in kitchen, washer/dryer…

  3   1

764-774 Colorado St


INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY…..2 Identically designed 4 unit buildings totaling 8 units. Two 1 Bedroom units and…

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340 N. School Street, Diamond



  3   1

140 Mazon Ave, Dwight


Fully rented. 12 unit building with five one (1) bedroom apartments and seven (7) large…

240-250 N. School Street, Diamond


Combine home ownership with rental investment. Side by side duplex. Great investment opportunity or live…

  4   2

1001 / 1003 Spruce Street, Morris, IL


SOLD BEFORE PRINT. Well cared for 4 unit. three 1 bedrooms and one 3 bedroom…

Retirement Investment

We are not social security doom sayers. The problem is, it isn’t enough. The problem with stocks and bonds is the market volatility and annual cash returns under 4%.

Consider two real estate investment examples:

Example A: A $360,000 4 unit; 6.5% annual cash return; $100,000 down payment; $260,000 loan at 5.5% will amortize in 17 years 3 months based on a 6.5% annual return.

If rents increase 2.5% annually for 5 years there is an opportunity to prepay approximately$250 each month and after 10 years prepay approximately $512.50 per month. If the value appreciates at the rate of 2.5% annually the property will be worth approximately $450,000 after 10 years.

Example B: $100,000 purchase, $25,000 down payment; 5.5% mortgage, $1,000 monthly prepayment, 6% annual return. The property will be free and clear in 57 months.


Recently Advantage Realty, Inc and I have expanded horizons and are involved in the investment of retirement accounts in rental real estate and promoting the use of limited liability corporations as a real estate investment vehicle for joint ventures.

We think there are many retirement investment opportunities. We have a proven track record of creative thinking. If you are interested in learning more about using investment real estate to supplement your retirement income call Joan Eslinger at 815-791-5875 and arrange a free consultation with Joan and Jack Hynds.

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