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Why Joan?

"Joan brings with her a keen eye for the details of a transaction and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why her clients benefit from her unique brand of real estate service."


It was time to sell a rental property that we had owned for over 10 years. I wasn’t sure what to do because the tenant also wanted to consider purchasing the home and they needed some expert advice on how to do that. After consultation with Joan Eslinger, we decided to give the tenant time to procure a loan before listing the home. Joan was very successful in helping them work through the process and she communicated with us what each step would involve. We were happy to see the transaction end well and the tenant did not have to leave the home they had lived in for over 10 years. Joan Eslinger is an excellent problem solver. Joan cares about her clients and always puts their interest first. She came up with the perfect solution all parties involved.

Dick and Carol Walker

December 2022

My sister and I were tasked with selling our father’s home after his passing. Many years ago I was a realtor and worked with Joan Eslinger and Advantage Realty, Inc. I knew her experience and genuine caring would help us in this emotional time. There was never a doubt we would call Joan. We discussed what we needed to do and didn’t need to do to prepare the home for market. She helped us list the home for a fair price and the home was sold to a very qualified buyer within days of hitting the market. There have been many changes in real estate since I was a realtor. From the first day of the listing to closing, Joan stayed in touch with us to walk through the entire process. She is the queen of follow up details. Joan Eslinger is our Realtor for Life. We highly recommend her for any real estate related business.

Lance & Betty Jo Milner

September 2022

I owned two duplexes with excellent tenants and wanted to sell them.  I knew I could sell them as separate units but didn’t want to displace the excellent tenants.  I talked to Joan Eslinger asking if she perhaps had an investment client that would be interested in the whole package.  She not only had one but had a back up also.  The first client we worked with wrote a contract immediately.  This property  was exactly the kind of investment they were looking for.  The transaction went very smoothly and enabled us to purchase our forever home.  Joan Eslinger is Grundy County’s most experienced investment real estate Realtor. 

Dylan Brandt

August 2022

Joan Eslinger and Anitra Brase were very helpful when selling my home.  We had lived in Morris area for 20 years and decided to scale down to a suburb closer to the children.  We needed guidance to understand what items would need to be done prior to selling our home and Joan and Anitra were great at giving us names of people who had the services we needed.  Everyone we hired was excellent at what they did and made it very clear to me what would happen step by step.  Joan and Anitra helped me with showings and the home sold very quickly.  When you haven’t moved in a very long time, there are a lot of things that were different, Joan and Anitra were always available to answer my questions and calm my nerves. They helped me hire an online auction person, Erik Olson, to dispose of all the furniture that we were not moving.  Most auctions are on-line now, and Erik and his team were amazing from the first time they came to my home, all through the auction, and coordinating the pickup at my home for all the furniture sales.  Whew, it was exhausting, confusing and interesting.  After I moved and before the closing, Anitra checked the home to make sure it was ready for a closing.  This team of dedicated Realtors should be the only team you call when you are selling.  I highly recommend Joan Eslinger and Anitra Brase – their expertise can’t be matched.

Carol Howver

August 2022

Joan Eslinger was instrumental in helping us find quality investment property in Grundy County, Illinois. My husband and I live in New York City and have been investing in our area, but decided that we could get a better investment in the area I was raised in. We contacted Joan via zoom for an introduction and she immediately made us comfortable that she could handle our needs. Not only could she find us the properties as a Realtor she was also able to provide property management through her Advantage Property Management (APM) business..

We flew in for a quick 3 day visit and saw multiple properties. We purchased two rental properties during our visit. Joan performed excellent negotiations on are behalf. We then flew back home and left Joan to handle all the details, which she did with professionalism and perseverance. There is a lot if information needed to purchase rental property, Joan provided us with detailed analysis of each property so there were questions after we decided which properties fit our criteria. Since then we have purchased one more rental property – total of 16 units

Joan and her team are now managing all 16 units very efficiently, helping us set market rents, handling any and all maintenance and collecting all the rents.

We are 1,000 miles away and we trust Joan and her team to manage our property without any worries. If you are an investor, or want to be an investor, you need to speak to Joan Eslinger.

James and Kara Kelly


We were building a home that we hoped would be our forever home, but life changed, and we ended up selling it without ever living in it. Joan Eslinger was instrumental in helping us take care of the details of listing and selling a new construction home. She was able to find people to install mirrors, towel bars and light bulbs. The little things we didn’t think about. Anything we needed she was able to handle. Our daughter and son-in-law recommended Joan to us, and we are so grateful they did. This was a very stressful time for us, but Joan handled the issues as they arose and took the burden off our shoulders. The home listed and sold within a few weeks. Joan was always available by cell phone and communicated with us through every step of the process. We recommend Joan Eslinger for all real estate needs. She really goes above and beyond for her clients.

Ken and Patti Perrine

June 2022

Joan Eslinger has been our Realtor in many real estate transactions over the past 5 years. Our dream was to live in Goose Lake and raise our children on the water. Joan spent many hours showing us property and nothing seemed to fit. Joan sold our home in Morris and worked with us to purchase a temporary residence while we viewed waterfront homes. Our dream home became available and with Joan’s expert knowledge of the market, we now own a rental duplex and our forever home. Joan was always very patient with us and always available whenever we called and was able to secure us exactly what we were looking for.

Blake and Brittany Becker

January 2022

We knew we needed to move to a larger home because we were bursting at the seams. Joan helped us purchase our new home in this crazy real estate market without having to do a home sale contingency. The knowledge Joan has about financing enabled us to close and move before we listed our present home. Doing the move this way allowed us to move what we knew we were keeping, discard what we knew we weren’t and clean out the old house to prepare for sale. Although it seemed a little scary, Joan sent us to the correct banker to fully explain how it would work in our situation. After living in our home for over 25 years, we had a lot of stuff to move and not worrying about selling during the move was a little less stressful. After about 3 weeks we were able to market our home for sale. As Joan predicted, our home sold quickly and for more than asking price! Whatever your current issue is, if you work with Joan she can help you figure out the best plan for your needs. She is a very caring person and always puts your needs first. We highly recommend Joan Eslinger for your Realtor of choice.

Jim and Susan Farber

January 2022

After an unscheduled change in my life, I was renting a very nice two bedroom apartment and my children thought I should purchase a small home or duplex. After talking with Joan Eslinger about many options, we looked at a couple of condos, duplexes and small single-family homes. We missed out on a couple of opportunities because of this crazy market. After discussing this with Joan, she advised me to talk with my banker, my tax accountant and my financial advisor before moving forward. This was a fabulous idea, and with the correct advice I was able to understand what the best avenue was for me financially for a purchase. She really understands the financial ins and outs of purchasing real estate and was very considerate of my finances and comfort level. No pressure! Only wanted the best for me. I am now living in my fabulous 2 bedroom duplex and have a great future ahead of me. Joan Eslinger is a caring, sympathetic, experienced Realtor and I highly suggest calling her for real estate information. She puts the client first.

Judy Kuntz

April 2022

Joan Eslinger has been our realtor for years. She originally helped us move from a large home south of the river to a smaller home in Morris with a wooded view. After the passing of my husband, I wanted to scale down further. Joan understood how hard this was and promised to hold my hand through the entire process. And she really kept that promise. With her help and guidance, I was able to purchase a half duplex in the area I wanted and work with the bank for interim financing to purchase before I sold my home. She realized how difficult it would be to have to close 2 homes and move the same day. After the closing of the duplex, she recommended painters and flooring people to make some changes I wanted and scheduled them and supervised them for me! When that was all done and the move completed, she helped me work with people to dispose of furniture I was not moving, found people to help me fix some minor things to list my home. My home was listed and sold in one day to a cash buyer closing in 3 weeks!. I was able to pay off the interim financing and settle into my forever home. That is really full-concierge service above and beyond.

Linnell DePung

March 2022

Joan Eslinger sold us our family home 10 years ago and we were not planning on moving until a house hit the market that tweaked our interest. I called Joan Eslinger at 1:30 PM and we were at the house by 3:30 the same day, and of course fell in love with it immediately. We also had a house to sell! In the crazy market of 2021 we knew a contingency for home to sell would not work, so between Joan and our banker we figured out the best way to purchase first and sell later. We moved into the new home first, in order to ready the other home for sale. Joan helped us price it, took professional pictures and we were on the market. The home sold within 3 days!! We only had to deal with two mortgages for about 2 months. Joan was excellent at explaining the paperwork to understand the enormous task of purchasing prior to sale and any inspections needed. Joan has the experience to help the transaction work smoothly. She is a real problem solver! We love our new home. Joan has been our family realtor forever, working with Mom and Dad, us, my brother and my sister. She is OUR Realtor! And she should be yours.

Joe and Bridget Burke

November 2021

Joan did a great job managing and selling our out-of-state investment property. Her help made it a turn-key investment for us because she handled any and all issues. When you are ready to sell, she marketed properties and quickly brought them to a close. We definitely recommend Joan Eslinger and Advantage Realty.

Marty McKinstry and Darlene Nourie

November 2021

Joan Eslinger helped my parents sell their long time home in Hatcher Woods so they could move to Albuquerque to be closer to family. My parents were having some health issues and needed someone to help coordinate the move, the removal of any items not being moved and the cleaning of the home after their departure. We packed up what we wanted to take with us and left for Albuquerque. She also was able to find a driver to take us to the airport on departure day! After we left town, Joan went above and beyond coordinating and supervising people to handle all of the tasks necessary to clear out the home and get it ready for marketing. Joan provided top notch concierge service which was very much required since I had not lived in Morris since high school and did not have the contacts needed to achieve this move on my own. She made a monumental task much easier for us to handle. Joan prepared the home for marketing and it was sold in a very short amount of time. She handle all the problems very easily while communicating long distance with my family. We highly recommend Joan Eslinger for your real estate needs.

Benjamin Cho, Dr. & Mrs. Cho

August 2021

Joan Eslinger helped us go from tenants to homeowners!!! As first time buyers we had no idea what to do or where to go to find help. We weren’t sure if it was possible for us to purchase but we wanted to try with the great, low interest rates of 2021. Joan walked us through the purchasing process explaining everything step by step, making it very easy to understand. She recommended we get pre-approved and helped us find a lender. She explained all the closing costs and paperwork associated with a home purchase. Today, thanks to Joan Eslinger, we are happily moved into our very first home and we are so pleased. Call Joan for ALL your real estate needs.

Matt and Cady Verdiramo

August 2021

Joan Eslinger exceeded my expectations when selling my home. She was very professional and easily accessible by cell phone at all times. Joan helped me set the price and took great pictures of the home for marketing. She kept me informed at all times to each step in the sales process. The home was sold in 3 days and at a great price. I was very happy that a young couple with children purchased the home that I grew up in and loved. Joan was excellent at explaining the paperwork and arranging the appraisal and any inspections needed. I highly recommend Joan Eslinger as your realtor of choice. Joan has the experience and contacts to help the transaction work smoothly. Thank you for your help.

John E. Johnson

August 2021

My sister and I were tasked with selling our parent’s estate house. Joan Eslinger helped us set the price and marketing plan. Not only did we have to sell the home, we had to empty all the contents and prepare the home for marketing. It was a long process and Joan was very helpful. The buyer’s lender had many hoops we had to jump through, but Joan’s expertise managed to get us to a successful closing. Both us as the sellers and the buyer were so frustrated and Joan managed to calm the waters. If you have a problem you can depend on Joan to face it head on and work out most solutions. With her years of experience and knowledge, her relationships with all the professional people involved in transactions, she knows the right people to call. We highly recommend Joan Eslinger as your “go to” realtor.

Rob and Rhonda Deischer

June 2021

After my husband passed I decided to move closer to my son and his family in Morris. My son only wanted me to work with Joan Eslinger because he said “Joan will take care you”. He was correct. Joan showed me houses in a crazy market at all hours and days of the week. She even helped me purchase a home that was not technically on the market. I needed to sell my home in Aurora to be able to purchase in Morris, so Joan helped me workout financing so I could purchase first, move in and then sell that home. After living in my home in Aurora for 25+ years that was a blessing to move what I was keeping at my own pace, clean out the house and get it ready to market. Joan and her associate realtor Anita Brase then listed my Aurora home and sold it in one week! WOW she is a whirlwind when it comes to helping people who are new to all the moving issues. She knew who to call for any need I had. I am so pleased with my new home and can’t thank Joan enough for all of her help. My son was correct! She is still the person I call for any questions in my new town. Call Joan Eslinger, she knows real estate!

Lois Becker

April 2021

We bought our home at the height of the market in 2007. A couple of years later we moved to the Naperville area and were not successful in selling our home and decided to rent it. Joan Eslinger handled the rental of the house, took care of any issues that came up with the rental and made our life easier. When the tenant gave us notice that they were moving and we decided it was the right time to sell. And boy was it!!! With Joan’s real estate expertise our home was under contract in days. There were a lot of hoops to jump through with the lender and Joan and her tribe of workers were able to solve any problem thrown at us. Joan set up all the repairs, the cleaning and the yard work to make the home ready to sell. We never came to town for any of the issues. Joan Eslinger is a fabulous problem solver and she knows “who to call” for any issue. We highly recommend Joan Eslinger to anyone who wants to sell their home. She has the old school expertise needed to navigate today’s real estate market.

Anthony and Colleen Cozzi

April 2021

We knew we had a great house to sell! Problem was we had a very limited time frame to get top dollar. A friend of ours recommended Joan Eslinger, promising she could help. Within days of signing our contract with Joan, the showings were immediate. This eased our minds about working with a realtor. Shortly after, we had a contract on our home and moved toward closing. Thanks to Joan our home was sold quickly! Everything went smoothly and simply.

Chris and Brandie Hoxie

February 2021

Joan Eslinger was amazing! I could reach her whenever I needed to even multiple times throughout the day when needed. She was always helpful, answering all my questions with a smile. She made the entire home buying process, even the last minute problems with the mortgage and title company, a good experience for me. I don’t think I would be in my home right now if it wasn’t for the hard work that Joan put in. I would never want to use anyone else for buying or selling a home.

Lance Beeler


Freedom Baptist Church had been looking for a new home for our church for some time and just couldn’t find the right set up. We asked Joan to show us a commercial building at 409 S. Main St in Seneca and it was perfect for our needs! We believe Joan was God’s answer to our prayers for guidance. Joan understood our concerns and was able to introduce us to the seller so he could answer our questions about the building She was so patient with us and our congregation. We were not experienced in purchasing and financing a commercial building so Joan and our lender at Grundy County Bank, Pete Brummel, went above and beyond to help us choose the correct financing. There were a lot of hoops to jump through and Joan held our hand through the entire process. She didn’t mind all of our phone calls and questions. We are ecstatic to now have a new home for our Church with lots of parking, outside play area for our young members, and plenty of room for expansion. Whatever your real estate needs are, Joan Eslinger is the only Realtor to call.

Pastor Joel Robertson

November 2020

Joan has been our realtor for many years, when we decided to sell our home in Nettle Creek Country Club Estates we knew who to call. Joan listed our home and helped find a buyer within ONE week!! We were undecided whether we wanted to buy or build, so she helped us obtain an income property to live in while we decided, and bonus points for the extra income it will bring it after we move! She is readily available whenever we call her. Joan is a real problem solver and any frantic phone calls that we made she took care of with ease. No question – she is the most experienced, caring Realtor in the area. Joan goes above and beyond every time. As I write this I know she is seeking out our forever home.

Blake and Brittany Becker


Joan helped me find a rental when I moved to Morris and when I was ready to buy, helped me purchase my first home. Joan also helped my husband find a house in Morris when he moved from Seneca and helped him with renting out his Seneca house. After our marriage and combining homes, we wanted to purchase a larger home in the country. Joan sold our houses in Seneca and Morris and found us the perfect home on 3 acres. She walked us through some rough times with the contract and inspection issues. She was always available when needed, was very supportive with our questions and fears. Selling and moving is a very stressful time and Joan helped make it easier and enjoyable. She even made sure our new home was professionally cleaned prior to our move in. We highly recommend Joan Eslinger as the Realtor of choice when you are buying and/or selling.

Bobby Cook and Katie McKinerney


After retiring and moving to Tennessee we hired Advantage Property management to handle our Illinois rental property. Joan had managed this rental successfully for many years so when the tenant moved out we decided it was time to sell and knew Joan was the realtor to call. We were right! Joan listed and sold the duplex in one day and we closed in 6 weeks. Joan made it simple to handle the closing from long distance and everything was handled electronically. She always takes great care of her clients needs. We recommend Joan to anyone involved in rental property and real estate.

Marty McKinstry and Darlene Nourie October


We owned an older rental home just south of Morris.  After a complete rehab of one of the units we decided to sell.  Joan has always been our realtor of choice. She is a great problem solver.  The bank the buyer chose was not familiar with Morris and had many issues, the Covid-19 caused more problems getting the showing completed and especially the inspection and appraisal.  Joan was always available to let people in following strict guidelines and she was very respectful of our tenant.   She kept us informed through every step of the process.  Many times she had to drop everything to get people into the home.  At the very last minute the bank wanted to extend the closing by 5 days putting all parties in a terrible position.  Joan worked with the lawyers and the bank and managed to get the closing on the original scheduled date.  The time frame between the contract and the closing is when Joan’s expertise is invaluable.  When Joan is involved you are in good hands.  We highly recommend Joan Eslinger as the best realtor in the area. 

Rocky and Pat Faletti


My sister and I needed to sell our Dad's home in Goose Lake to help take care of him in the nursing home.  This was a very stressful time for us because Dad was not doing well and we were very emotional.  Joan was able to help us as navigate this stressful time and treated us with kindness and understanding.  Neither one of us had been involved in a real estate transaction for a long time so Joan was very helpful in holding our hands through the entire transaction.    Joan's experience made all the difference for us.  Call Joan if you need any real estate advice.  She knows what needs to be done.

Sally Bulicek and Sue Querio


I tried to sell my rental house the year before with no luck. Joan helped find me an excellent tenant who would be moving out of state in spring 2019.  We listed the home in the last month of the lease and it sold in one week! It worked out perfectly that the tenant moved out and 1 week later we closed on the sale. The timing was perfect! Joan knew exactly what list price to sell at and how to handle the tenants so they were comfortable with showings. She handled everything for me and the closing went very smoothly.

Bobby Cook


We have to tell everyone what an awesome job Joan did for us.  We were looking for a specific property and the minute it hit the market she called us.  We were the first people to see it and bought it that day! Then we listed our home with her and it was sold within 1 week!  She helped us maneuver through the financial issues when selling and buying at the same time.  Joan was like a family member helping us every step of the way.   Her expertise excels the experience she has.  We highly recommend Joan as the realtor to call.

Rusty & Pat Platt


Joan has a lot of patience!  We knew we eventually wanted to move to Morris from a nearby town and we were looking for just the "right" home.  I think once or twice a year for 4-5 years Joan would call us with a possible home, but we just couldn't find the "right" one.  She called us one day and said to come to town right now and see the perfect home that was not even on the market yet!!!!  So we jumped in our car and 24 hours later we had our new "right" home. It was located in town AND had waterfront, just perfect for fishing and boating with the grandkids.  There isn't anyone else in the real estate community that has more knowledge or works harder than Joan does.  She makes her client's needs her top priority. 

Jim and Mary Beth Sabino


Joan sold our home for us in 2017. We were anxious to downsize and move to a new area. Her professionalism is unquestioned we truly felt that when we agreed for her to sell our home that we would be taken care of, with the utmost care. She emphasized that she was our agent and would keep our concerns as her number one priority. The market was in flux when we decided to move so it was not an ideal time but we never felt that our home would not sell. Joan pulled out all the stops and marketed our home in a broader range and kept vigilant. Her resources and experiences are wide and her commitment to the successful sale of our home was very important to us. We would not hesitate to recommend Joan to others.

Lois & Bob Patnode


Joan's commitment in meeting her client's goals has created a standard of excellence in customer service. When it was time to sell our home we knew we would call Joan. We would not trust listing our home with anyone else. Her knowledge of the local housing market was very helpful in setting an appropriate selling price. We had a firm buyer in 3 days in a tough market. Couldn't ask for anything more! Selling your home can be a daunting process but with Joan it just seemed easy.

Tom and Leigh Kasmierczak


Fred and I were planning on moving to Morris and started to look at duplexes.  We mentioned we would love to live on the golf course.  Joan told us about a ranch that was on the market on the golf course just that morning and let's go see it.  We did and instantly fell in love with it.  In a span or 4 days we bought the golf course home, Joan listed AND sold our duplex in Coal City and sent a referral to an Arizona realtor who sold our winter home that weekend.  Whew! Our heads were spinning! Joan kept us informed through each step of the process to get our golf course dream house and we love it.  Working with Joan is more than working with a professional Realtor - it's akin to working with a life-long friend.  We highly recommend her.

Fred and Kris Davidson



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