Storm-proof your home before disaster strikes



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Storms can be destructive.   House can be damaged by rain and hail to strong winds.   Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent such damage.

Lightning – If lightning strikes, it can cause damage to your roof and even start electrical fires.  Having a lightning rod and grounding system installed on your property should direct electrical pulses into the ground.

Shield roof – Hail can cause damage to asphalt shingles that are not the best at standing up to harsh weather.  Consider replacing your roof with a metal, slate and composition shingles.   These are the best alternatives that are more damage-resistant than asphalt.   Clean your gutters and make sure your drainage system is intact before big storms.

Windows – Flying debris and hail can shatter glass leading to water damage during a storm.  Consider replacing your single-pan glass with impact-resistant glass.

Clear potential hazards – High winds can cause light weight items in your yard to be flying debris.  When harsh weather is coming, put your patio furniture away.  Trim your trees to help keep broken branches from falling and damaging your home.

Doors – Your front door can cause a problem during a storm.  Doors can be ripped off in high winds or be damaged by debris.  Tighten your hinges and cover windows with shutters.

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