Yard Cleanup Checklist



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Who doesn’t want their yard to be the talk of the neighborhood!   Adding these few simple tasks to your outdoor cleanup checklist will help you prepare for spring.

Remove Yard Debris – Fallen leaves, small branches, twigs, and rocks will accumulate and form a dense mass that can damage or kill grass and plants.

Pull Weeds – Make sure you don’t leave the roots behind or they will just grow back.

Till the Garden – After the final harvest, prepare your garden for spring planting by removing all old plants, debris, and till the whole plot.

Clean out the Gutters – Clear leaves and other debris from your ran gutters.

Trim Trees and Shrubs – Trim any dead branches and overgrown trees and bushes.

Equipment Storage – Drain hoses, fountains, and drip irrigations systems and store in a dry place.  Clean all garden tools to prevent rust.

Aerate and Feed the Lawn – Break up soil to keep water from pooling. Feed your lawn with the nutrients it needs to survive the long, cold winter.

Mow your yard one last time before the cold sets in.  Your lawn will be lusher in the spring.

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