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Traveling during the holidays?   What not to do in order to avoid ruining your trip.

Check for airport delays.

Airports are notorious for long security lines and even longer checkpoint stations.  Add in the weather across the nation, you have the perfect recipe for a travel nightmare.  Leave for the airport earlier than usual.  The alternative is all the cost and inconvenience that comes from missing a flight.

Weighing your luggage

Be aware of the weight limit for the airline you are traveling.  Overweight bag fees can up to $200 for domestic and $400 on international trips.  Lighten the load and only use a carry-on, or at least bring a carry-on to offset some of the weight in your checked bag.

Carry-on screening

You need to know what not to pack in your carry-on bag.  Check with TSA and the airline for the rules and restrictions.  Regulations change often.   Anything not allowed will result in the loss of the prohibited item, but there’s still the matter of trying to catch your flight after a long delay at security.

Monitor gates and terminals

Airlines sometimes have to change gates and even terminals due to bad weather and a host of other reasons. Be sure the airline has your mobile number or email or both; airlines do try to alert passengers to changes.  Stay aware and check those airport information boards often.

Allow enough time between connections

Not having enough time between flight connections puts you at risk of missing your flight.   Getting off a plane and walking to a distant departure gate can easily take 30 minutes.  That’s not including restroom breaks or buying coffee before your next flight.  Booking a longer layover will help reduce the holiday stress.

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