Holiday Stress!



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The holidays can be a time of high stress and having realistic expectations can help you to have a happy and healthy Christmas.  Here are a few helpful ideas to practice this December.

Be Realistic

It never fails, no event ever runs seamlessly, and this also rings true for holiday celebrations.  Rather than accumulating stress along the way, remember what’s important.  View this as an opportunity to make fond memories that you can reflect on in years to come.

Budget for the holidays

The pressure of lack of time and money can contribute to holiday stress.  Set a budget and then stick to it.   Do not throw money away trying to buy happiness.

Hike your mood with Sunlight

Regular exercise can help to decrease stress and boost your mood.  Go out for a walk.

Have some fun!

You have heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”.  Laughter lightens your mood and lessens the symptoms that are associated with stress.  While you decorate the tree or bake cookies, forget all the items left on your to-do list and give yourself permission to have fun.  Schedule time for holiday humor, giggles, and look forward to funny holiday events!

Find stress-busting techniques that work best for you.  Enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

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